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As a dentist I get this question all the time! Why do I continue to have teeth problems even though I do a good job taking care of them? I find there are 4 main reasons why this occurs:

I'm scared of the dentist

  1. Sometimes people aren't doing as good a job as they think. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of education in proper dental hygiene techniques. That is why, when you come to the office for your check ups, we will review oral hygiene techniques with you and give you a personalized plan for how to take care of your teeth.

  2. Sugar, sugar, sugar! Many people don't realize that it isn't the amount of sugar you consume, but the frequency with which you consume it that counts. Here's an example:
    • I could drink a 2 liter bottle of Coke every day and never get a cavity. How? If I chug it all at once, within a few minutes my saliva will dilute the sugar that decay producing bacteria feed on, and my chance of a cavity goes way down. However, I can destroy my teeth with just a dixie cup full of Coke every day. How? Take a little sip, and a half hour later take another little sip, and do this all day long. What happens is every time my saliva dilutes the sugar from the Coke, I add some more. The decay causing bacteria are eating sugar all day, and destroying my teeth ALL DAY. So, think about your workday.... Wawa or Dunkin Donuts coffee with sugar and flavored creamer... Sitting on your desk all morning... A sip here, a sip there... Get a new one after lunch to keep you awake.. Sound familiar?

  3. Nighttime grinding (bruxism). Many people grind their teeth while they sleep. We call it bruxism. Obviously you don't know you are doing it because you are asleep. Your spouse/significant other doesn't know it either because they are asleep! You may have some clues because you wake up with sore teeth or a sore jaw. Or, maybe your bite feels off for the first half hour you are awake. Or maybe you have recently fractured a tooth. There are tell tale tooth wear patterns we look for at your exam that signal nighttime grinding issues. This is treated with a night guard MADE BY YOUR DENTIST. I know, the over the counter ones are a lot cheaper. At first. But, the most important part of the night guard is the bite. You can't adjust the bite on an over the counter night guard. A misaligned bite on the guard can lead to changes in your bite requiring orthodontics to fix, or INCREASED damage to teeth because all of your bite force is only on a couple teeth. Research is now showing that you clench during sleep grinding with 25% more force than you can tolerate when you are awake. Think about that for a moment. Clench your teeth as hard as you can stand. You are doing it much harder while you are sleeping. That can easily fracture a tooth.

  4. Genetics. Yes, I will admit it as a dentist. Some people are just more susceptible to cavities or gum disease. It doesn't mean you give up. It means we implement a plan designed for you to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

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