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Yup. Welcome to the life of a dentist! Dr. Kathy and I are nice people. We really are! We live here in Washington Township. We have 3 dogs and a cat. We love the outdoors. We are very active in our church. We have two wonderful daughters, but....

We are DENTISTS! And most people just don’t like the dentist!

So, what do we do to ease your fears? A lot, actually! First of all, we have decorated our office with a “beach house” theme. Everybody likes the beach! When you relax in our lobby, feel free to grab a coffee or tea from our Keurig machine. The next thing we have done is create an office culture that is different from most offices. Every staff member is committed to your comfort. But, not only that, they take the time to get to know you. Many dental offices feel like a cattle drive, and staff members would rather hide in the break room than have a conversation with a patient. Not at Dayspring Dental! When you visit us it’s like going to a friend’s house, not the dentist.

I'm scared of the dentist

But… it’s STILL the dentist! That’s why we have put together a collection of extraordinary dental technology to make your visit more comfortable and easier.

  1. The Wand computerized anesthesia. Everybody hates the dreaded shot. Why can’t they invent something better? Well, THEY have, and WE have it! It’s the dental shot reimagined for the 21st century. Think of it as “Novocaine 2.0”
  2. X-rays just for gaggers! Are you one of those people that gags just thinking about a dental x-ray? We have one of the most technologically advanced x-ray machines available today. One of it’s best features is the ability to take check up x-rays without putting anything in your mouth.  Just stand in the machine , that’s it!
  3. The Waterlase Dental Laser. This is one of the greatest advances in dentistry! Imagine a filling without the drill… A filling without having to get numb! Or procedures that traditionally required a visit to a specialist for a surgery followed by several weeks of healing can now be completed easily without a long healing time. The Waterlase laser is not your father’s dentistry,   it’s 21st century dentistry!
  4. Surgical glasses and light. Who wants a dentist who can’t really see what they are doing? Teeth are small! But with high magnification and lighting, we can see every detail of your treatment.
  5. CBCT 3-dimensional x-rays. Have you ever had a “surprise” at the dentist? Had to go to the specialist because your case was harder than initially thought? Although this occasionally happens to every dentist, we now have a tool that gives us the most precise view possible of your teeth and jaws. A 3-dimensional x-ray shows so much more detail compared to a traditional x-ray. We know exactly what to expect before we even get started. If an x-ray is a road map to treatment, the 3-D x-ray is Apple Maps and Google Earth in one package!   Demo Video

These are just a few of the ways we have improved dentistry for our patients. 21st century dentistry, available right here in Washington Township!

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