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Dental Insurance

We believe that dental insurance can be a valuable tool to help make dental care more affordable. We participate with Delta, Blue Cross, Horizon, and Carpenters Local insurances. We can help you utilize your benefits from most other insurances as well.

Unfortunately, many people do not fully understand what dental insurance really is. It is basically a "discount coupon" towards your dental treatment. Unlike medical insurance, which truly "insures" against problems, dental insurance gives you a percentage off your treatment, up to a very small yearly maximum. The other problem that patients must understand is that there are 3 people involved in your treatment: You, us, and the insurance company. You and I care about how your treatment affects you (is it comfortable, does it solve the problem you are having, will it last a long time, etc). The insurance company is only concerned with one thing: how to get out of paying your claim! We know this from years of dealing with dental insurance. They claim to be on the patient's side, but are really only on the side of their stockholders.

We also do not participate in any HMO or DMO plans, they are set up to discourage proper oral health care. These plans pay the dentist a couple dollars a month for you to be listed with their office. Usually the only time they receive a payment for treatment is for larger treatment, such as root canals and crowns. So, there is a financial incentive to the office to NOT provide routine preventive care, and to hope that you only come in for major treatment when something starts to hurt. That is NOT how we believe dental care should be

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