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Dayspring Technology

Lastly, we have assembled a combination of some of the most advanced technology in dentistry. Why? Because we are technology geeks? Maybe just a little... But the main reason is because our technology makes your visit easier, or faster, or your treatment quality higher. Some of these hi-tech gadgets are:

state of the art dental chair

  1. The Wand computerized anesthesia, the most comfortable numbing you will ever experience.
  2. Digital X-rays. The digital format allows for lower radiation and better images that are instant as well. Think of it as the X-ray equivalent of digital photos.
  3. The Waterlase dental laser. The laser is sort of a 21st century "swiss army knife" for dentistry. Almost any procedure that can be done with a drill or a scalpel can be done more comfortably and with faster healing time with the laser. We couldn't picture practicing without it.

  4. 3D Cone Beam CT scanner - This machine enables us to visualize your teeth in 3 dimensions. It enables the most precise treatment possible in procedures such as root canals and implants. If a dental X-ray is a road map to proper treatment, the Cone Beam CT is Google Earth and Apple Maps all in one!

  5. Anatomage Planning Software- In conjunction with the 3D Cone Beam CT scanner, this software allows for precise planning of dental implant placement. It allows us to spend time BEFORE your implant procedure planning for ideal positioning. Then, we send that plan to a laboratory to make a guide for us to place the implant in the exact position we planned. This provides for the most ideal implant procedure possible. Think of it this way. Would you rather have:
    1. A long implant procedure to place an implant in an acceptable position.
    2. A short implant procedure to place in implant in the ideal position.
    3. Anatomage allows us to choose “2” every time.

  6. Intra-oral cameras and big screen TVs. Our first job as dentists is to educate our patients. In fact, in Latin, "doctor" means teacher. And the best teacher is a picture. Our cameras allow us to take close up photos of your dental issues, and then put them up on the big screen. We can then explain the need for treatment in a way that is easy to understand.
  7. State of the art sterilization area and computer controlled sterilizer. Your safety is one of our highest priorities! We heat sterilize all our instruments, or use disposable equipment. In addition, we have an outside company that monitors our sterilizer. To demonstrate how important instrument safety is, we have made our sterilization area an open, accessible showcase in our office. It’s not hidden in some back corner of the office where no one can see it. Every patient walks by and can see our sterilization area. We are very proud of it and our procedures to keep you safe.
  8. Self contained water systems. You may have seen cases in the news recently of infections caused by bacteria in dental waterlines. At Dayspring, all of our equipment uses self contained water supply bottles. We treat these bottles daily with a disinfectant solution. We also do periodic maintenance on the lines. This prevents bacterial growth and keeps you safe.

At Dayspring our goal is to make your dental visit as easy and stress free as possible.  Your first visit to Dayspring

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