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my tooth is broken

So, right now, a piece of your tooth is gone. It doesn't hurt yet (or does it?), but something is obviously very wrong..

Teeth can be tricky! There is a nerve in the middle of your tooth, and it is surrounded by two substances called dentin (the inside part of the tooth), and enamel (the part you see when you smile). These are the hardest substances in your body, even harder than your bones! It takes a while for a cavity to eat through your tooth, and the nerve is protected by the dentin. Then, all of a sudden, BOOM! The cavity gets close to the nerve and your tooth suddenly hurts like crazy. That's why it's important to get a cavity fixed BEFORE it hurts.

If you have had a piece of tooth break off, most likely your tooth has significant structural damage that a filling can't fix. It likely needs a crown to restore it back to proper chewing strength.

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