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teeth are sensitive to ice cream teeth are sensitive to cold drinks teeth are sensitive to popsicles

Cold sensitivity is something that affects a lot of people. Even I (Dr. Matt) have some cold sensitivity. My dad used to bite and chew ice pops. I still cringe just thinking about it! Some cold sensitivity is normal, some isn't.

Normal: Some people just have teeth that feel cold more than other, like me compared to my dad.


  1. Gum recession exposing sensitive roots. This can be treated in several different ways, including sensitive teeth toothpaste, de-sensitizing treatments to the teeth, or a gum graft to cover the exposed roots.
  2. Excessive tooth wear at the gumline due to tooth grinding. This is usually treated with a filling along the gumline and a nightguard to treat the grinding.
  3. A deep cavity. Often the first sign of a cavity that is getting deep is cold sensitivity. This is usually treated with a filling, but often requires a root canal because the sensitivity is the first indication that the nerve in the tooth is dying.

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